*Big girl bed*

Yeah Summer has a big girl bed now. We went yard saleing on Saturday, and someone was selling a toddler bed for $10. We got it. I mean you can pass up that deal? Well Nate put it together yesterday, and Summer slept in it for the first time last night. She did really good. I'm very proud of her. She really likes it. :) This morning she even stayed in it till I woke up. But then once she saw I was awake, she came towards me and fell half way into the whole that's between the open part of the bed and our plastic deal that's in our room. LOL. But I am very proud of her. I'm sad though that my baby girl is growing up and is already in a toddler bed. Now we're going to be starting the weening this week from formula to milk. Hopefully by the end of the week, beginning of next week she will fully be on milk. Then we'll have to work on weening from bottles to sippy cups. Binkies are no big deal. She rarely uses them. And I didn't even ween Robby off of his till he was like 3? But he also used them regiously all the time had one in his mouth. Summer only uses one when she ether finds one, or I give her one cause she's fussy. Or she'll chew on them cause of her teeth, or she's just bored. So the binkies are no big deal. Anyways.

Robby is still sleeping. Usually when he comes back from Bobbys he sleeps in the day after he gets back home. Cause Bobby always keeps him up late, and doesn't make him go to bed when he's supposed too. Granted I let Robby stay up a lil late, but that's becaue we got hom late, and we had to eat. Anyways.

I guess I'm going to go. So I'll talk to ya'll later.

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Sorry I haven't updated in a lil while. I will write an update soon. :) Chat at ya'll lata.

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Robby starts school on Tuesday the 9th! Wow. My baby will be going to school in 5 days. Full days of school, riding the school bus. He's growing up on me. And now the reality of him growing up is setting in. He went yesterday for an hour and he loved it. He didn't want to leave. And then yesterday afternoon he asked me if he could go back to school. The woman that handles their start date called me this morning, and told me when he started. Robby just asked me if he could go back to school again, and I told him he'd be going next week. We'll have to go out this weekend and get him a lunch box and some lunch stuff. I hope we have the money.

Nates check will hopefully will be somewhat decent since it's his check from when he was off for Christmas. We are having to use his lumping money for rent. He got lumping money yesterday and he told me he was going to use it for food and his trip to NY. And I was like you said we were going to use that for Rent. And he was like I'll be lumping more tomorrow, so I'll be getting more money. Yeah he's already done his second stop I think he said? And he hasn't lumped any of them. He said he's going to do the next one which is going to be a big one. And said it'll pay so much money. And I was like ok? That's not going to pay all of our rent, it'll only pay some of our rent. Yeah so once again he's assuming stuff, and then it's not happening. I told him we had to get our rent payed this weekend. Cause if we don't then we start getting charged $5.00 a day. We also have to go to my family Christmas thing, and bring drinks, and drive 2 and a half hours for it. I was looking forward to it, but now I'm not. I don't really want to go, but I already told my Aunt that we will be there. Plus, everyone is wanting to see Robby and Summer. They haven't seen Robby since Christmas last year, and the last time they saw Summer was at our Wedding. So yeah. So we have to pay for rent this weekend, gas to get to where our family get together is, gas to get back home, possibly a motel room though Dad said that Nate and Robby could probably share a room with him, and Summer and I can share a room with Pam. If not then they'll help us pay for a room so we don't have to drive all the way back home that night. And I have to go and get Robby a lunchbox and stuff for him to take to lunch next week. Yeah let the stress overload begin. Anyways.

Back to Robby. He went to school for an hour yesterday and he loved it. He didn't want to leave. And he asked me yesterday afternoon if he could go back to school, and then he keeps asking me this morning if he could go back to school. I keep telling him he'll be going back to school next week. I'm glad he likes school, and that he's excited about it. It makes me feel better. Anyways.

Today I have to clean. Wash dishes, straighten up the living room, make our bed (I need to start doing that again making our bed every day. I used to when I was pregnant with Summer until I started getting extremly tired, and having problems), I also need to sweep the kitchen floor and the bathroom, and possibly mop them. I also have to finish washing clothes. *Sigh* I wanted to take Robby to the park today cause it's going to be warm, but I might not be able to with all the stuff I have to get done. I can't really put any of it off till tomorrow cause tomorrow I have to take Robby and Summer to the dr so they both can get their flu shots, and Robby has to get blood work done, and do a pee test for school. So yeah. Even if I did it after we got home, I'm going to have 2 cranky kids on my hands. So I'll probably be spending the rest of the day cuddling with them. Anyways.

I guess I should go, and get me and Robby some breakfast, and then start cleaning. Maybe if I get it started now, and get everything done, I can still take Robby to the park. We'll see. Anyways. I'll Chat at ya'll lata.

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I've used LJ before but then quit using it. I'm back now. :) Let's see. A lil about me. I'm a 22 year old female. I live in Virginia. I'm a Stay at Home Mommy. I have 4 kids. 2 of my own lil boy who is 4 years old, and a lil girl who is 6 months old. And I have 2 stepkiddos. MJ and DJ. They live with their Mommy.

I'm Married to a Wonderful guy. I'm a Truckers wife. And I love it! :) I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love my life. :)

My hobbies are reading, dancing, photography, crocheying, and of course being the best Mommy and Wife I can be. :) Anyways.

I'm looking to make some new friends. Possibly meet other Stay at Home Moms, and Truckers wifes. Since that's what my world pretty much revolves around. My 2 kids, and my husband. I'd like to have other parents to chat with, and other people who knows what it's like to be Married to a trucker, and all the things we stay at home moms and truckers wifes go through. :) Anyways.

I guess I'm going to go. I will probably write more later. :) Chat at ya'll lata!

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